Phone: (609) 588-8666 | 24-Hour Emergency: (856) 404-5249
Phone: (609) 588-8666
24-Hour Emergency: (856) 404-5249


Trace has worked in every aspect of the power industry from utility generation to distribution down to the industrial/commercial consumer. The larger the power system, the more protection is required, and the more testing is to be considered. Using a 3rd party testing company in your maintenance plan is paramount to a reliable power system. We have commissioned, tested, repaired, and retrofitted power equipment in all conditions and environments.


We are power testing. Unparalleled experience, workmanship, and customer satisfaction has allowed us to build our growing company on top of its established reputation. If you are a facility manager, project coordinator, or contractor you can count on us for your power testing needs.


Trace Testing

The services in which our customers rely on are applicable in the following areas:

  • Data Centers
  • Electrical Manufacturers
  • Engineering/Construction Management
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Property Management
  • Government/Military
  • Insurance Industry
  • Manufacturing/Commercial Services
  • Airports & Aviation
  • Hospitals / Specialized Care
  • Banking
  • Heavy Industry
  • Refinery and petro-chemical plant
  • Transit systems traction & power
  • Pharmaceutical manufactures headquarters and research facilities
  • Co-Generation/Independent Power Producers

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