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Phone: (609) 588-8666
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Benefits of Hiring A NETA Company

NETATrace Testing is a NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) accredited company. NETA accreditation is certainly difficult to achieve. Trace testing earned their accreditation through a demanding application process conducted through the NETA association. This assures that every NETA accredited service provider delivers testing services to the highest possible criteria of safety and integrity as stipulated by such entities as: ASTM, CSA, EASA, ICEA, IEEE, NEMA, NFPA, and UL. NETA is an organization of top electrical testing companies; visionaries committed to advancing the industry’s standards for power system installation and servicing to guarantee the highest level of dependability and safety.

Trace Testing is Distinctively Qualified by Being NETA

NETA Qualified Technicians have earned a Level III or IV NETA certification in electrical power systems testing and deliver the knowledge and field experience necessary to perform testing to industry standards. A NETA technician’s services expertise, education, and training keeps them up to date with new innovations and offers them the knowledge to carry out testing across a variety of power systems.

Trace Testing Safety Protocols – Setting the Standard

Trace Testing understands that the NETA Safety Program is foremost to ensuring all other operational goals are met. Safety compliant means to maintain the highest criteria in the sector: standards presented by OSHA, ASTM, NFPA, IEEE, The National Safety Council, CSA, NEMA, and many others. With a commitment to Safety, Trace Testing executes procedures and constantly reviews and updates the firm’s safety protocols as necessitated by NETA. NETA Standards necessitate Trace Testing to manage a designated safety representative to supervise procedures relative to safety.

Trace Testing is an Independent Power Systems Provider

NETA Accredited Firms are independent electrical power systems testing service providers. Because of this, Trace Testing is divested of contending service or manufacturing interests. As third-party auditors, we provides impartial electrical testing results while guaranteeing precise testing and reporting; certainly never affected by clashing factors involved with budgeting, installation, or product manufacturing; in other words, NETA standards require Trace Testing to be an independent, third party company that can operate as an unbiased testing specialist, professionally independent of the manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of hardware or systems. An organization possessing a designation of “NETA Accredited Company” issued by NETA meets such requirements explicitly.

Trace Testing and Quality Assurance

The highest possible level of quality is achieved when testing services are performed by a NETA Certified Technician and backed by a NETA Certified Company.

This distinct combination ensures qualified workers are supported by:.

  • Company infrastructure.
  • The most recent technologies.
  • Calibrated test instruments.
  • Extensive reporting and documentation.
  • Expert Engineer review.
  • System functionality tests.

As a NETA accredited company, Trace Testing engages a crew of NETA Qualified Technicians and support personnel experienced in all aspects of electrical power system testing and maintenance, doing so based on ANSI/NETA Specifications. “A business hires an outside auditor to get a true assessment of their financials. For the same reason, electrical testing must be performed by a third-party, independent company.” “Quality depends on commitment, integrity, accuracy, knowledge, and consistency”.

How Can Your Organization Ensure the Highest Levels or Safety, Knowledge and Reliability?

  • Demand the job to feature the guidelines of ANSI/NETA Standards and list endorsed NETA Certified Providers in bid specifications.
  • Include routine electrical power system maintenance and assessments in accordance with ANSI/NETA Criteria in your repair and maintenance agreements.
  • Partner with a NETA Certified Service provider to conduct acceptance testing and periodic maintenance on all electrical power equipment and systems to guarantee safety and continuous delivery of your service.